lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011


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patricia dijo...

whenever i like something i do no one says a word!
sacred silence!

"i´m a little pea
i love the sky the trees
i´m a teeny tiny little ant
checking out this and that
i am nothing
so you have nothing to hide
and i´m a pacifist...."

still singing pea the best i can, and listening to the song flea sang

after all it´s a matter of ego

and i´m still observing trees loosing their leaves

there was a storm yesterday

the jar trembled in the patio

and many more leaves are falling.


and being here is sort of a bless

tornados and bombs falling
and, but, nevertheless or whatever
I saw Obama playing ping pong on tv yesterday!

sussah dijo...

Hi Patricia, that's the way it happens on my blog too... some of my favorite posts go without a comment. But it doesn't mean nobody liked it. Every new post of yours is interesting, and so many of them are wonderful cascades of photos, like this one. your style is unique. thanks! sp

patricia dijo...

of course, one can´t overload currents with bottles of uncertain messagges and even if did so, what?

I liked very much the "cascades of photos".