miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

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aleph dijo...

If you dissect a bird
To diagram the tongue
You'll cut the chord
Articulating song.

If you flay a beast
To marvel at the mane
You'll wreck the rest
From which the fur began.

If you pluck out the heart
To find what makes it move,
You'll halt the clock
That syncopates our love.
´Admonition´, Sylvia Plath.

sussah dijo...

I like the idea of trying to communicate dreams to other people, but this is nearly impossible as the poem implies. However, I admire this abstract photography of yours. I feel that the dream worlds for me are darker and also more representational of the thing we like to call real life. sp

aleph dijo...

thks for your words, it´s nice to read your comment here.
i related the photos to those flashes sometimes you get when you wake up, you know you were dreaming but can´t "remember" almost nothing. sometimes i do remember the "structure" of my dream, but no images, sometimes only images, always incomplete, traces.